MaxPrint Plugin


MaxPrint is very simple and quick to create powerful reports using MaxPrint. The report is designed in MS Word or LibreOffice in docx format. MaxPrint Plugin is designed for Oracle APEX Platform to integrate with MaxPrint API for report rendering, to use this plugin you will have to add MaxPrint plugin to your APEX application where you write your SQL Query and attach that docx template, prerequisites of MaxPrint plugin and installation instructions are mentioned below in detail.

Installation & Usage


- Oracle APEX 18+
- MSWord or LibreOffice editor latest

Video Tutorial

Step by step tutorial

  • After Login to the workspace

  • Goto SQL Workshop > SQL Scripts and upload the install.sql file and press Run button

  • Goto App Builder > Then goto the appliction

  • Goto Shared Components

  • Goto Plugin then Press Import button > Upload file dynamic_action_plugin_com_maxprint

  • Goto Shared Component > Component Settings > Edit MaxPrint[Plug-in] > There you need to

  • give Http Link, API Key , Wallet Path, Wallet Password

  • You can call MaxPrint Plug-in in your page button > Dynamic Action to create Template

  • First need to download template file. Press button to render report **

  • Edit or format your template as per required for Report

  • Goto Shared components > Static Application Files and upload your template file there

  • Select MaxPrint Plug-in in Action, set report output type from options which is Docx,PDF or HTML

  • Press button to render report